Born in Oakland, California, during the height of the Bay Area's civil rights movement, Kevin was introduced to photography at a young age by his grandmother Irene Wagner. Her home on MacArther Boulevard at 94th Avenue gave her a front-stoop view of those turbulent times, she often turned her lens to the events unfolding around her. She encouraged Kevin to pick up his own camera, eventually teaching him how to develop his film and print in her small darkroom. In his words "Seeing the images come to life was magical," and was hooked. Kevin's high school track coach, Don Chadez, happened to be a very accomplished sports photographer and taught the photography class as well. Don was renowned for his images of the 1976 Olympic Games. A ten-year career as a model post high school gave Thomas the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers of the era, and it solidified his passion for the art. To date, his images have graced the pages of People, FSHN, Playboy, Latina, Caras, Tatler, Town & Country, Remark, Ouch & Viva, to name a few.

Kevin has what it takes to motivate the people around him to be themselves in front of the camera. His ability to relate on a human level translates through the camera to create a unique style of imagery.